Event Promoter
Motivational Speaker
CEO of Gladiator Powerlifting
Founder of the Gladiator Fitness Expo
Tommy J. Harrison Jr.'s Purpose
The purpose of this website is to not only tell people who Tommy Harrison Jr. is, but it’s to also to inform people about the versatile projects he continues work on. Hopefully you get some insight on Tommy the Powerlifter, Motivational Speaker, CEO of Gladiator Powerlifting, Founder of the Gladiator Fitness Expo.

Tommy J. Harrison Jr.
Tommy Harrison Jr. was born on November 20,1973. He is a 18 year veteran of the Chicago Police Department. He started his health and fitness journey at 15 yrs old. He began lifting weights while playing football. At the age of 17 he benched 335 lbs and continued lifting throughout  college. He did his first competition 17 yrs ago and it was at that time he was bit by the Iron Bug. Fast forward to the present time and he is a 36 time World Powerlifting Champion. He has broken over 20 World Records in different Powerlifting Federations. He is a 10 time World Cup Winner, a member of the W.A.B.D.L. Powerlifting Hall Of Fame (2012), C.E.O. of Gladiator Powerlifting Team, and creator of the Gladiator Fitness Expo.


Best Bench in competition 865lbs.
In Training 950lbs off 1 board.
Suffered 2 forearm breaks
The only man in history to come back and bench 815lbs with 2 plates and 24 screws (right arm).